Restaurant seating and restaurant booth replacement, upholstery maintenance/repair with FASEAT Inc. in Missoula, MT


My name is John Vandenberg, most just call me "Bubba". After a family business of pulling countless thousands of staples, I looked at what we had been doing and said, "there has got to be a better way". In the restaurant industry it is not a matter of whether or not your seating will need replaced. It's a matter of when. Great efforts and years of testing has led to the most innovative transition in replacement upholstery. Our proprietary system allows for a total conversion without damaging your existing seating. The great part is that when it's time for repairs, the new cover takes a mere 3 minutes to replace.


Our company is your best source for value driven, top-quality replacement services.

FASEAT brings over 5 decades of collective knowledge and experience that gives us a unique advantage in providing top quality replacement upholstery for restaurant seating, as well as our unique ordering system which is the first of its kind in the industry.

In the restaurant business, you'll eventually have torn or cracked booth covers/chairs that will need to be replaced.


FASEAT is a revolutionary seating system that allows you to quickly order, stock and replace your damaged restaurant seating in just minutes.

Whether its booth covers, medical tables, workout equipment etc., when it is time to replace them, you have options:
•You can shop around to all the vendors that offer everything from goop & go, staple-on covers, or the full service upholstery shop that takes time and can be very costly...

FASEAT® will take the guesswork out of getting your upholstered items replaced. At FASEAT®, we do more than just make quality booth and seat covers; we've created a complete Restaurant Management System with fast Online ordering, where you just simply click on your own specific product you need covers for and check out. Seriously, It's just that easy! Your covers are quickly shipped to your location and when they arrive, your just minutes away from turning your old torn, cracked booths or chairs into something that is, well....... good-as-new.

FASEAT® only uses quality vinyl to manufacture your new covers. Within minutes, you can have good-as-new gym equipment, restaurant seating and medical equipment using our custom made, no tools required, seat covers that will last longer.

Why Choose Faseat?

  • We are the top in bottoms!
  • Easy to install (we send you the only tool you need)
  • Perfect fit guaranteed
  • Commercial grade Fabrics
  • Quality products & Services
  • Online order system
  • Ability to change your seating appearance Seasonally

At Faseat, we offer all upholstery services including: spring repair, foam replacement, full remodels, upholstery supplies, materials and comprehensive consultations.